On September 6, 2019, following the requirements of Article 38.2 (Reopener), the UFF-UNF bargaining team proposed changes to four (4) Articles in the 2017-2020 UNF-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). 

UFF-UNF proposed (or provided notice of) the following:

  •  An across the board increase to each eligible faculty members pay of an amount TBD based on data to be presented on September 27, 2019 (Article 30 Salary Increases and Salary Payments),
  • An increase in release time to faculty designated by the UFF for the purpose of carrying out the UFF’s obligations in representing faculty in representing and administering the UNF-UFF CBA (Article 4.4 (UFF Rights),
  • Removal of a waiver that previously relinquished the rights of UFF-UNF to bargain the pay of administrators returning to the faculty who had no previous faculty salary (Article 12 Appointments), and
  • Removal of waivers that previously relinquished the rights of faculty involved in grievance procedures and arbitration (Article 33 Grievance Procedures and Arbitration). 

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Bargaining Session Scheduled for
Friday, September 27th

Date: Friday, September 27, 2019
Time: 2pm-4pm
Location: To Be Determined

The faculty bargaining team will meet with the board of trustees bargaining team on September 27, 2019, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. in a location to be determined. Your presence is strongly requested during this meeting, because it demonstrates your interest and support for a contract that serves faculty well.

For those of you who have not yet attended a bargaining session, or who may not be able to arrive at the beginning and stay for the full time, please know that you can arrive whenever you are able to do so and stay for as long you are able. Faculty and others enter and exit frequently and it is not disruptive to the proceedings in the least. So please come and let your presence be your voice!

If you cannot attend, the session will be live-streamed for your convenience, and the video will be uploaded after the meeting concludes.

Due to technical issues experienced during the September 6 meeting, the link to the live session will be updated here very close to the start of the session.

September 6th Bargaining Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC69AR0EtU8

BOT Proposals for Contract Changes

The BOT bargaining team proposed the following three articles. Salary, Evaluations, and Tenure.

You are encouraged to review the proposals. Changes are indicated in red. Redactions are struck through.

Your UNF-UFF Chapter

The UNF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida represents all UNF tenure-line faculty, instructors & lecturers, and visiting professors on all labor-related contract negotiations (roughly 600 full-time faculty). With the exception of faculty currently holding administrative posts and adjuncts, all UNF faculty are considered “in unit” and are covered under the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiated by our chapter and university administration. Only active members of the union, however, receive additional union-related benefits (including union representation in the grievance/arbitration processes). Join Here

From The Distinguished Professor

If you were in class on Wednesday, April 17th, and unable to attend Convocation, you missed a riveting speech by Dr. David Jaffee, this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Professor award. Here is a link to his message, which is timely, tack-sharp, and elegantly expressed. Congratulations, Dr. Jaffee, and congratulations to all who received awards. Dr. Jaffee, and nearly two-thirds of the other award recipients, are members of UFF-UNF.


CBA 2017-2020 Information

The full document can be viewed HERE.  A chart with the individual articles can be found HERE.

2017-2020 CBA: How Does It Affect You?

CBA 2017-2020 highlights presentation


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