Family Fun Day at Lake Oneida

Let’s celebrate the real reason why we work so hard: OUR FAMILIES! See flier.
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When: Saturday, May 4th from 11:00 until 2:00
Where: Lake Oneida at Eco Adventures
Zip Lining, canoeing, games, crafts, and the infamous “Cake Walk!” Catered by Tijuana Flats.


If you were in class on Wednesday, April 17th, and unable to attend Convocation, you missed a riveting speech by Dr. David Jaffee, this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Professor award. Here is a link to his message, which is timely, tack-sharp, and elegantly expressed. Congratulations, Dr. Jaffee, and congratulations to all who received awards. Dr. Jaffee, and nearly two-thirds of the other award recipients, are members of UFF-UNF.


Message from UFF President Marcon

Salary Compression & Inversion

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

In November and again in February, Mark Ari (UFF Vice President) and I met with our new UNF President and Vice President Shuman to discuss salary compression and inversion (C&I) and how we could work together to resolve the problem. We all know that faculty pay structure at UNF needs attention. Between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 full-time UNF faculty experience C&I. Compression occurs when salaries of experienced faculty do not keep up with those of new hires and pay differences among faculty with different levels of experience become small. Inversion occurs when less experienced faculty have higher salaries and are better compensated than more experienced faculty. Reasons for C&I are complex. There is no simple solution or quick fix.

At the President’s request I prepared and submitted in late February a proposal to seek approval at the Board of Trustees (BOT) March meeting for a joint UNF-UFF Task Force on C&I. UNF administration later decided not to place this item on the BOT agenda but rather to convene a meeting of the two groups. The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) agreed and on March 28, UFF representatives (Mark Ari, Greg Gundlach, Zornitza Prodanoff, and Jennie Ziegler) met with BOT and UNF administrative representatives (Jay Coleman, John Kantner, Mike McGuire, Catherine Christie, Marianne Jaffee, David Jaeger, and outside counsel Leonard Carson). We had arranged to collaborate on creating a Task Force to study and address the ongoing C&I problems at UNF.

Here’s What Happened

  • UFF and the BOT (through outside counsel Leonard Carson) agreed that C&I is a significant problem at UNF. We also agreed that administration should expeditiously address this problem through both short- and long-term solutions.
  • Encouraged by this agreement, UFF proposed that members of the Task Force work to (a) reach a consensus definition of C&I, (b) determine the nature and extent of C&I at UNF, (c) assess short- and long-term solutions for C&I, and (d) identify resources needed to resolve C&I (see attached overview).
  • The BOT/UNF administrative representatives then caucused at length to discuss this proposal. Upon their return to the meeting, outside counsel Leonard Carson rejected the proposal and indicated there was no part of the proposal to which BOT/UNF could agree.
  • Representing the BOT and UNF administration, Mr. Carson then proposed limiting responsibilities of a Task Force to developing a definition of C&I. On behalf of his clients, he further proposed prohibiting the Task Force from taking any additional steps, including assessing the extent of C&I, identifying solutions to C&I, or offering any recommendations to address C&I at UNF.
  • To reach consensus UFF then proposed that, in addition to developing a definition of C&I, the Task Force also work to assess the nature and extent of C&I at our university. On behalf of the Board of Trustees and UNF administration, Mr. Carson rejected the counter-proposal outright.
  • UFF reasserted the importance of addressing the problem of C&I at UNF and proposed that the discussion continue. Mr. Carson refused to discuss the Task Force or its responsibilities further and called an end to the meeting.

What Does This Mean?

It is unfortunate that we’ve lost this opportunity for UNF administration and faculty to work together, despite agreement on both sides that C&I is an ongoing problem. Each of the five administrators in attendance at this 3 hour meeting refused to respond to faculty questions. No UNF administrator spoke during the meeting, allowing the Board of Trustees representative to put a full stop to addressing the inequities of C&I at UNF.

I wish I had better news to share with you as the spring semester nears its end. UFF continues to stand ready to collaborate with the BOT, UNF administrators, or any other party that can work to address the problem of C&I at UNF. We are not going to give up on this because the success of our faculty and ultimately our students requires our working together on this issue.




Your UNF-UFF Chapter

The UNF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida represents all UNF tenure-line faculty, instructors & lecturers, and visiting professors on all labor-related contract negotiations (roughly 600 full-time faculty). With the exception of faculty currently holding administrative posts and adjuncts, all UNF faculty are considered “in unit” and are covered under the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiated by our chapter and university administration. Only active members of the union, however, receive additional union-related benefits (including union representation in the grievance/arbitration processes). Join Here



CBA 2017-2020 Information

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