Bargaining Session December 1, 2017

Part 1 can be viewed HERE

Part 1 run time: 1:30:10. Summary: UNF’s faculty bargaining team outlines and justifies all proposed changes to the contract. Outside counsel, Leonard Carson, outlines proposed changes on behalf of the Administration. The context for the Administration’s document presented in Part 1 can be found in Part 2, where outside counsel, Leonard Carson, makes clear that the 269 page document is both incomplete and subject to change. We highly recommend watching Part 2.

Part 2 can be viewed HERE

Part 2 run time: 34:03. Summary: This is the one to watch if you are interested in context.  The faculty team pressed outside counsel, Leonard Carson, about the proposals he submitted on behalf of the administration. Mr. Carson stated repeatedly that these were all subject to change and he was not prepared to sign a single article he presented. As a result, the UFF-faculty team does not consider these formal proposals, but rather drafts. We were told that at the next session in January we would finally receive formal proposals. Further, the faculty team and Mr. Carson engaged in a question and answer session about some of the content and intent of the administration’s draft.


UNF Faculty CBA Proposals can be reviewed HERE
The UNF Administration / BOT CBA (draft) Proposals can be reviewed HERE


The next bargaining session has been set for Friday, January 12, 2018 at 10am

Faculty attendance at bargaining sessions is strongly encouraged. However, if you cannot make it, but you are interested in following along, you can watch the session streaming live by following links that will be listed here prior to the bargaining session. Additionally, you can tune in after the fact via the same link if you cannot watch live.


Message from UFF President Rebecca Marcon 

Bargaining from 10am-5pm* this Friday, December 1.

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to get back to the bargaining table and hope you can join us for some portion of the day this Friday. We start at 9am and plan to bargain all day long. We should still be going strong beyond 11am and into the afternoon hours. Faculty presence is very important because it shows your support for the important issues we bring to the table above and beyond well-deserved raises for faculty.

On Friday our faculty team will post all our proposals on the website along with a summary of key points. This will help you to follow along during bargaining and to read more about the topics of special interest to you. We will also be receiving proposals from the Board of Trustees (BOT) team on Friday. The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a negotiated contract. Each side puts forth proposals. We hope you will be able to witness negotiation at its best on December 1. Please join us this Friday on the 2nd floor of the library whenever you are able to and stay for as long as you are able to.

Date:  Friday, December 1
Time:  10am – 5pm*
Location:  UNF Library 2nd floor – Suite 2400


*We have received notification from the BOT team that we will need to start bargaining at 10am rather than 9am. We hope to see you there.


UFF-UNF Endorses Statement of Unity

The UNF Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida affirms our commitment to the values and ideas expressed in the UNF Statement of Unity, which was passed as a resolution of the UNF Faculty Association on March 2, 2017

UNF Statement of Unity

UNF stands in unity and solidarity with all members of our community, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, disability, or country of origin. We are proud of the diversity in our students, faculty and staff.

We strongly condemn acts of hate and bigotry as antithetical to the university’s core values of mutual respect and civility. Actions and words that seek to deny human beings full membership in the broader moral community on the basis of arbitrary characteristics are intolerable. We stand opposed to violence in language or in action, and we see these as a threat to the mission of UNF as a public university that is committed to intellectual and cultural growth and civic awareness.

We pledge to stand with and for those who are the most vulnerable members of our community and to take actions that help our students and fellow employees feel safe and know that they are safe. We affirm UNF’s unreserved commitment to student success within a diverse, supportive campus culture. We seek to embody the ideals of a free and democratic society, and we fully support and value each member of our community.



Your UNF-UFF Chapter

The UNF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida represents all UNF tenure-line faculty, Instructors & Lecturers, and Visiting Professors on all labor-related contract negotiations (roughly 600 full-time faculty). With the exception of faculty currently holding administrative posts and adjuncts, all UNF faculty are considered “in unit” and are covered under the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiated by our chapter and university administration. Only active members of the union, however, receive additional union-related benefits (including union representation in the grievance/arbitration processes). Join Here





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