Faculty Collective Bargaining Rights Threatened by Florida Legislature

The Florida House of Representatives passed a bill on January 25, 2018, that is a serious threat to our collective bargaining agreement and our voice for public higher education. Our contract provides many benefits and protections we value and need as faculty. It is a legally binding agreement that the Board of Trustees and UNF administration must adhere to. Without it, rules can be rewritten overnight unilaterally without faculty input or advisement.

Florida HB25 (passed 1/25/18) and SB1036 (in Committee) could decertify some public employee unions that do not meet a minimum level of membership (50%). If this bill passes the Senate and becomes law, we could lose our collective bargaining agreement and the legal power to enforce provisions regarding salary, hiring, firing, tenure, promotion, academic freedom and much more. We would have only 30 days to recertify. Thirty years of improving faculty voice and learning conditions could be undone in 30 days.

What does this mean?: Our chapter stands at approximately 40% membership. Unless we reach 50% by the time this bill is put into action, our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is at risk. This year we are actively negotiating a new 3-year contract. The UFF-UNF Bargaining Team is advocating for faculty on critical issues that affect us all (i.e., salary increases, family paid medical leave, shared governance). Losing our CBA means we will lose our power to negotiate with administration on how resources are allocated and how faculty function at UNF.

What can you do?: Join UFF today and encourage your colleagues to join. It’s as simple as that. We need approximately 45 more faculty to join in order to retain our CBA and the right to bargain.

How to join: Fill out the membership form at . Email or interoffice mail your membership form to Caroline Guardino (Membership Chair) 

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Your membership can help preserve our CBA and our right to bargain. Please help us reach this goal before it is too late!


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