Sample Guidelines

On this page are drafts of guidelines created thus far by departments at UNF.

These guidelines should only serve as guides for other faculty in other departments. There is NO SET TEMPLATE for departmental guidelines. Rather, guidelines may be unique to each department, thereby reflecting the contexts in which faculty in that department work and the discipline specific nuances toward which those faculty perform scholarly endeavors.

In addition, faculty charged with creating drafts of new guidelines should familiarize themselves with Article 9 of the CBA. While the CBA provides examples of criteria for guidelines, these are merely examples and are not binding. Faculty within departments may clarify–in a manner appropriate to their contexts and disciplines–the criteria by which they are to be evaluated via a model they feel appropriate. Members of the administration are not, a priori, to make demands or to set limitations on the ways in which faculty create departmental guidelines (so long as those guidelines follow the language and procedure of the Collective Bargaining Agreement).

Department of Foundations and Secondary Education

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Annual Evaluations Draft (guidelines)

Physics Department (approved by faculty and Dean)

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