For more information on grievances, refer to the collective bargaining agreement.

Grievances are the primary means by which faculty members can contest violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement by university administration. Any faculty member may file a grievance if they feel that their employee rights have been violated. Union members have the benefit of representation from a union-trained grievance officer.

Grievances must relate to issues specifically addressed within the collective bargaining agreement. Though there are myriad possible job-related concerns or complaints, only those that are addressed within the CBA merit a grievance. Thus a careful review of the CBA is requisite for a successful grievance and for knowing the requirements to file a grievance. Union members are entitled to free review of their case and concerns by the chapter’s grievance officer and, if the complaint has merit, to assistance from the grievance officer in filing and arguing the grievance at a grievance hearing and, in rare instances, in external arbitration.

UFF-UNF’s Grievance Officer is Tony Rossi. He can be reached at the following email addresses:

Faculty members should note that for non-CBA related issues, they may have other forms of recourse (including judicial review). Any faculty member who suspects discrimination should seek counsel from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

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