Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The attached report contains the results of the “Faculty Life and Job Satisfaction” survey, a joint effort by the Faculty Association’s Faculty Enhancement Committee and the UNF Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida. The survey captures faculty feedback on working conditions, job satisfaction, mentoring, and faculty evaluation measures.

UNF has conducted similar surveys in past years not only to measure faculty perceptions of workplace issues at a given point in time, but also to provide information to guide faculty governance, administration, and policy reviews. Through this survey, we learn how much you are working in a typical seven-day week (48.22 hours). We learn that the majority of faculty (69.4%) find great satisfaction in their teaching, research, and service. We also learn that a majority of faculty (64.2%) are taking steps to gather and use student feedback outside of the ISQs to respond to student needs inside the classroom.

The survey also identifies areas of concern for faculty. These range from feedback about salary; the balance of teaching, research, and service; and concerns about faculty morale. Faculty offer opportunities for improvement, such as alternative methods for measuring teaching effectiveness, and the usefulness of additional resources that can aid research initiatives.

These takeaways are a small part of a wide-ranging survey, and we encourage you to read the executive summary and full report.

The Faculty Association and the United Faculty of Florida to extend our gratitude to faculty who participated in the survey. We would also like to thank those faculty members, especially Dr. Hope “Bess” Wilson, who constructed the report.

Kally Malcom, President, UNF Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida

David Fenner, President, Faculty Association

Below are two versions of the report. The PDF version is listed first, but a scroll down for a link to an accessible version.

Faculty Life and Job Satisfaction Survey Report (PDF)

Faculty Life and Job Satisfaction Survey Report PDF

Faculty Life and Job Satisfaction Survey Report (Accessible Word Document)

Faculty Life and Job Satisfaction Survey Report Accessible

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