University Committees


Promotion and Tenure Committee

College Representatives

Thobias Sando CCEC Full Professor representative 2018-2020
Oliver Schnusenberg CCB Full Professor representative 2018-2020
Jennifer Wesely COAS Full Professor representative 2018-2020
Jan Meires BCH Full Professor representative 2019-2021
Jeff Cornett COEHS Full Professor representative 2019-2021

At-Large Representatives

Jennifer Lieberman (COAS) At-Large Representative 2018-2020
Jody Nicholson (COAS) At-Large Representative 2018-2020
Tes Tuason (BCH) At-Large Representative 2018-2020
John W. White (COEHS) At-Large Representative 2019-2021
Kim Cheek (COEHS) At-Large Representative 2019-2021
Sarah Mattice (COAS) At-Large Representative 2019-2021

At-Large Representative Alternates

O. Patrick Kreidl (CCEC) Alternate At-Large Representative 2018-2020
James Hall (COAS) Alternate At-Large Representative 2019-2021


Instructor/Lecturer Promotion Committee

College Representatives

Christine Holland  COAS non-tenure-track representative  2019-2021
None elected – Dean to appoint CCEC non-tenure-track representative 2019-2021
Koren Borges CCB non-tenure-track representative 2019-2021
Dwight (Chris) Gabbard COAS tenure-track representative 2019-2021
Juan Aceros CCEC tenure-track representative 2019-2021
Jeff Michelman CCB tenure-track representative 2019-2021
Dawn Saracino BCH non-tenure-track representative 2018-2020
Deborah Reed COEHS non-tenure-track representative 2018-2020
Corrine Labyak BCH tenure-track representative 2018-2020
Sophie Filibert (Maxis) COEHS tenure-track representative 2018-2020

At Large Representatives

Christa Arnold  At-Large Representative  2018-2020
Julie Merten (BCH) At-Large Representative 2018-2020
James Beasley (COAS) At-Large Representative 2019-2021


Sabbatical Committee

Terri Ellis COAS 2018-2020
Caroline Guardino COEHS 2018-2020
O. Patrick Kreidl CCEC 2018-2020
Jan Meires BCH 2018-2020
Pingying Zhang CCB 2018-2020
Dan Dinsmore COEHS 2019-2021
Alison Bruey COAS 2019-2021
Steven Williamson CCB 2019-2021
Corinne Labyak BCH 2019-2021


Professional Development Leave Committee

Courtenay McLeland Library 2018-2020
Larry Snedden CCEC 2018-2020
Dawn Wessling COEHS 2018-2020
Carlene Taylor BCH 2019-2021
Diane Denslow CCB 2019-2021
Mikayla Beaudrie COAS 2019-2021




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