University Committees


Promotion and Tenure Committee

College Representatives

Lian An CCB Full Professor representative 2020-2022
Alison Bruey COAS Full Professor representative 2020-2022
Adel El-Safty CCEC Full Professor representative 2020-2022
Jan Meires BCH Full Professor representative 2019-2021
Jeff Cornett COEHS Full Professor representative 2019-2021

At-Large Representatives

Jennifer Lieberman  At-Large Representative 2020-2022
Carolyne Ali-Khan At-Large Representative 2020-2022
Juliana Leding At-Large Representative 2020-2022
  At-Large Representative 2019-2021
Kim Cheek At-Large Representative 2019-2021
Sarah Mattice  At-Large Representative 2019-2021

At-Large Representative Alternates

Sarah Provost Alternate At-Large Representative 2020-2022
James Hall  Alternate At-Large Representative 2019-2021

Clinical Faculty Representatives

Michelle Bednarzyk Clinical Faculty Representative 2020-2022
vacant Clinical Faculty Representative 2020-2022

This vacant seat does not have a qualified candidate, as Clinical Faculty promotions are relatively new at UNF; this will be sorted out by Academic Affairs and UFF.

University-wide Instructor/Lecturer Promotion Committee

College Representatives

Deborah Owen BCH -non-tenure-track rep 2020-2022
Dawn Wessling COEHS -non-tenure-track rep 2020-2022
Jan Meires BCH -tenure-track rep 2020-2022
Carolyne Ali-Khan COEHS -tenure-track rep 2020-2022
Christine Holland COAS -non-tenure-track rep 2019-2021
Unknown CCEC -non-tenure-track rep 2019-2021
Koren Borges CCOB -non-tenure-track rep 2019-2021
Dwight (Chris) Gabbard COAS -tenure-track rep 2019-2021
Juan Aceros CCEC -tenure-track rep 2019-2021
Jeff Michelman CCOB -tenure-track rep 2019-2021

At Large Representatives

Swapnoneel Roy At-Large Representative 2020-2022
David Waddell At-Large Representative 2020-2022
James Beasley  At-Large Representative 2019-2021

Sabbatical Committee

Peter Magyari BCH 2020-2022
Kristi Sweeney COEHS 2020-2022
Jennifer Lieberman COAS 2020-2022
Harriet Stranahan CCOB 2020-2022
Raphael Crowley CCEC 2020-2022
Dan Dinsmore COEHS 2019-2021
Alison Bruey COAS 2019-2021
Steven Williamson CCB 2019-2021
Corinne Labyak BCH 2019-2021


Professional Development Leave Committee

Tammy Druash Library 2020-2022
Richa Jethwani CCEC 2020-2022
Dawn Wessling COEHS 2020-2022
Carlene Taylor BCH 2019-2021
Diane Denslow CCB 2019-2021
Mikayla Beaudrie COAS 2019-2021


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