CBA 2017-2020: Article Chart

The following table outlines the Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2017-2020. A link to each article is also included.

Article #Article NameLink to Full Article
1Titles and HeadingsArticle 1
2RecognitionArticle 2
3Management RightsArticle 3
4UFF RightsArticle 4
5Payroll DeductionArticle 5
6ConsultationArticle 6
7Maintenance of BenefitsArticle 7
8UNF Rules and PoliciesArticle 8
9Guidelines for Application of University CriteriaArticle 9
10Academic Freedom and ResponsibilityArticle 10
11Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity, and DiversityArticle 11
12AppointmentArticle 12
13Non-reappointment and ResignationsArticle 13
14Assignment and ResponsibilitiesArticle 14
15Office Space and Safe ConditionsArticle 15
16TravelArticle 16
17Summer Appointments and AssignmentsArticle 17
18Performance Evaluations and Evaluation FileArticle 18
19Evaluations for Library FacultyArticle 19
20TenureArticle 20
21Promotions for Tenure-Earning and Tenured FacultyArticle 21
22Promotions for Library FacultyArticle 22
23Promotions for Instructors and LecturersArticle 23
24Promotions for Clinical FacultyArticle 24
25LeavesArticle 25
26Sabbaticals and Professional Development LeavesArticle 26
27Intellectual PropertyArticle 27
28Conflict of Interest/Outside ActivityArticle 28
29Other Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty MembersArticle 29
30Salary Increases and Salary PaymentsArticle 30
31BenefitsArticle 31
32Disciplinary Action and Job AbandonmentArticle 32
33Grievance Procedure and ArbitrationArticle 33
34Access to DocumentsArticle 34
35Layoff and RecallArticle 35
36Totality of AgreementArticle 36
37DefinitionsArticle 37
38DurationArticle 38
Signature PageSignature Page
APosition Classifications in the Bargaining UnitAppendix A
BUFF Dues Check-Off Authorization FormAppendix B
CGrievance FormAppendix C
DNotice of Arbitration FormAppendix D
EProtection of WhistleblowersAppendix E
FLimitation of Personal LiabilityAppendix F
GExclusive Dispute Resolution Procedure for Course AssignmentsAppendix G
H1-1Library Faculty Annual Report of ActivitiesAppendix H1-1
H1-2Library Faculty Assigned Activity FormAppendix H1-2
H2Library Faculty Annual Performance EvaluationAppendix H2
H3Library Faculty Annual Promotion Appraisal FormAppendix H3
I1Application for Sabbatical LeaveAppendix I1
I2Application for Professional Development LeaveAppendix I2
J1Authorization for Twelve Month Pay OptionsAppendix J1
J2Termination for Twelve Month Pay OptionAppendix J2

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