CBA 2017-2020: Article Chart and Summaries

The following table outlines the Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2017-2020. The status of each article is listed below, as well as a summary about any changes. A link to each signed and annotated article is also included.

Article NumberArticle NameGains & Status QuoSuccessful DefensesOther ChangesLink to PDF
PreambleStatus QuoPreamble
Memorandum of AgreementCalls for parties to accept Article 4.4 "as is" and return to reopener negotiations to satisfy a 2016 PERC Ruling (Allen v. Miami Dade College)MOA
1Titles and HeadingsStatus QuoArticle 1
2RecognitionStatus QuoArticle 2
3Management RightsStatus QuoArticle 3
4United Faculty of Florida (UFF) RightsStatus quo with additiion of a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.A) pertaining to 4.4DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to do away with all release time for UFF faculty involved in representing faculty and administering the CBA.

DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to do away with additional release time when negotiations have not been completed during the semester in which they began.
Article 4
5Payroll DeductionStatus QuoArticle 5
6ConsultationACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to strike language concerning consultation regarding the ratio of tenure to non-tenure-track faculty teaching courses.Article 6
7Maintenance of BenefitsStatus QuoArticle 7
8UNF Rules and PolicyACCEPTED: UFF proposal to strike language no longer in use ("the administrations' policy routing sheet").Article 8
9GuidelinesACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to address excessive delays and to streamline the process and timeline and encourage the development of guidelines.

ACCEPTED: Right of Clinical Faculty to create their own guidelines.
DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to limit faculty rights to create their own guidelines by omitting teaching and service from a permissible category for guidelines.
Article 9
10Academic Freedom and ResponsibilityStatus QuoDEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to strike the appeal process for student grade changes, which requires an appeal to the faculty member, provided for in the CBA.Article 10
11NondiscriminationStatus QuoArticle 11
12AppointmentStatus Quo
13Non-reappointment and resignationsStatus QuoArticle 13
14Assignments and ResponsibilitiesACCEPTED: UFF-UNF successfully incorporated current Banking Policy into the CBA where it can now be negotiated.DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to increase office hours from 5 to 7 hours.

DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to do away with policies recognizing faculy efforts, resources, support, and compensation for instructional technology/distance learning materials.

DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to do away with administrative assistance in obtaining releases to intellectual property rights related to the use of instructional technology materials under certain conditions.
Article 14
15Office Space and Safe ConditionsACCEPTED: UFF's proposal that email be added as a means of communication for office changes while a faculty is on sabbatical.Article 15
16Professional Development and TravelACCEPTED: UFF's proposal that the title be changed to include "Professional Development."
ACCEPTED: UFF's proposal establishing that the administration publish an annual Department report of the previous year’s expense reimbursements for each faculty member and the available travel funds for the current year and their departmental allocations
Article 16
17Summer Appointments and AssignmentsACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to establish equitable distrubition of summer courses

ACCEPTED: UNF-UFF's provision to broaden how sufficient enrollments is defined for summer courses at the undergraduate level
DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to eliminate cap on summer office hours. Article 17
18Performance Evaluations and Evaluation FileACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal that a department/unit supervisor should take into consideration all available information when completing evaluations

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposalfor more inclusive language stating that the university values community-based teaching, research, and service that demonstrates a deep engagement with local, regional, national, and/or global communities and that, if requested, such performance should be considered as part of the evaluation

Accepted: UFF-UNF proposalthat faculty may amend their rebuttal statement following receipt of a finalized copy of their evaluation
DEFENDED: Against BOT proposals that the chair/supervisor of each department (versus the department) shall be responsible for specifying the required format and minimum content of the annual evaluation form.

DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal allowing for termination of a faculty member (without consultation of other faculty) after the faculty member's "failure to demonstrate satisfactory implementation of the approved performance improvement plan in the next annual evaluation."
Article 18
19TenureACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to broaden Carnegie language on community-based teaching, service, and research to include "local, regional, national, and/or global communities."

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to include letters of support from community partners who can attest to the faculty member's engagement and impact on local, regional, national and/or global communities.

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to include ALL tenured faculty members (vs. a sub-committee).

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to fill committee vacancies only from within closely related disciplines.

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal that the University explicitely values both basic and applied scholarship as a criteria for tenure.
Incorporated language to reflect the electronic dossier systemArticle 19
20Promotions for Tenure and Tenure Earning FacultyACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to broaden Carnegie language on community-based teaching, service, and research to include "local, regional, national, and/or global communities."Article 20
#Evaluations for Library FacultyACCEPTED: Article H deleted and replaced with evaluations article for librarians.Article #
21Promotions for Library FacultyACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal that 20% of libarian evaluations be based on research. This successfully preverves the right of librarian's to be evaluated on these significant contributions.

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF's proposal that external letters be required for promotion.
DEFENDED: Against a requirment that librarians must go up for promotion or face a penalty.Article 21
22Promotions for Instructors and LecturersACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to broaden Carnegie language on community-based teaching, service, and research to include "local, regional, national, and/or global communities."DEFENDED: Against right for colleagues to address the scholarly and creative works of a faculty member. Article 22
XXPromotions for Clinical FacultyACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to broaden Carnegie language on community-based teaching, service, and research to include "local, regional, national, and/or global communities."Article XX
23LeavesACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to add a "paid" parental leave policyArticle 23
24Professional Development Leaves and SabbaticalsChanged the timing of the application process to accommodate the weekendArticle 24
25Intellectual PropertyStatus QuoDEFENDED: Aainst BOT proposal that included broad changes to the intellectual property rights of faculty Article 25
26Conflict of Interest/Outside ActivityStatus QuoDEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to include broad changes in the definition and reporting of conflicts of interest and outside activityArticle 26
27Other Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty MembersStatus QuoArticle 27
28Salary Increases and Salary PaymentsACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal for an additional 2% salary increase (effective 2018) beyond BOT's proposed salary increase of 2% (retroactive to 2017) for a total of a 4% salary increase

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal that new base salaries for promotions effective 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 be included when calculating salary increases in both years

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal that the effective date for the 2018 salary increase is the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year

ACCEPTED: UFF-UNF request that faculty who retired during negotiations receive applicable salary increases
DEFENDED: Against BOT proposal to make the 2017 2% salary increase effective upon contract ratification rather than September 2017Article 28
29Adjusted dates to insure faculty received transportation stipendArticle 29
30Disciplinary Action and Job AbandonmentStatus QuoArticle 30
31Grievance Procedure and ArbitrationStatus QuoArticle 31
32Access to DocumentsStatus QuoArticle 32
33Layoff and RecallChanged reference to Article 6 (Consultation Between the University and the UFF) to make it consistent with CBA numberingArticle 33
34Totality of AgreementStatus QuoArticle 34
35Previously deleted prior to this round of bargainingArticle 35
36DefinitionsStatus QuoArticle 36
37DurationACCEPTED: UFF-UNF proposal to avoid bargaining delays by setting time-limit dates for exchanging reopener proposals and for the first reopener bargaining session.Article 37
Signature PageSignature Page
APosition Classifications in the Bargaining UnitStatus QuoAppendix A
BUFF Dues Check-off Authorization FormStatus QuoAppendix B
CGrievance FormStatus QuoAppendix C
DNotice of Arbitration FormStatus QuoAppendix D
EProtection of WhistleblowersStatus QuoAppendix E
FLimitation of Personal LiabilityStatus QuoAppendix F
GExclusive Dispute Resolution Procedure for Course AssignmentsStatus QuoAppendix G
HLibrary Faculty EvaluationACCEPTED: Article H deleted and replaced by article on evaluations for library faculty.
H1-1Library Faculty Annual Report of ActivitiesStatus QuoAppendix H1-1
H1-2Library Faculty Assigned Activity FormStatus QuoAppendix H1-2
H2Library Performance EvaluationStatus QuoAppendix H2
H3Library Faculty Annual Promotion Appraisal FormStatus QuoAppendix H3
I-1Format of Sabbatical AppllicationChanged reference to year in title of formAppendix I-1
I-2Format of Professional Development ApplicationStatus QuoAppendix I-2
J-1Authorization for Twelve Month Pay OptionStatus QuoAppendix J-1
J-2Termination for Twelve Month Pay OptionStatus QuoAppendix J-2

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