Salary Data by Rank

Faculty salaries at UNF are not competitive at any rank compared to peer and SUS institutions. The 3% increase proposed by the BOT will not fix the problem.

Here are the facts:
The UNF-BOT set a goal to “Develop and implement a plan to raise faculty and staff salaries to be above the median among peer and SUS [i.e., Florida state university system] institutions by discipline and rank, within budget constraints” in their 2017 Strategic Plan. However, average faculty salaries at UNF continue to be well below the median of other SUS institutions by rank.

How UNF compares by rank:

Rank Graph DYK

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2% vs. Inflation

Faculty salaries at UNF have not kept up with inflation. The 2% salary increase proposed by the BOT will not fix it.

Here are the facts:
Goal III of UNF’s Strategic Plan (approved by the Board of Trustees on 9-23-17) seeks to address faculty compensation as a way to attract, support and reward talented faculty and staff who promote student success. Among strategies to achieve this goal is an action item that would ensure regular standard of living salary adjustment for faculty and staff. Here’s a look at how we are doing.


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The Salary Issue: UNF Ranks Near the Bottom


Each year, the NEA Higher Education Advocate produces “The Special Salary Study” which compares salaries at universities and colleges nationwide to identify salary trends across institutions. The 2016-2017 Faculty Salary Report examines full-time faculty salaries for 9-10 month contracts in 1570 public institutions, with state data grouped by level of degree offered. The full report can be viewed HERE.
















Source:  NEA Higher Education Advocate, 36(2), PAGE 18

Compared to the other doctoral granting institutions in Florida’s State University system,

  • UNF ranks 8th of 10 in average salary for Professors,
  • UNF ranks 9th of 10 in average salary for Associate Professors,
  • UNF ranks 9th of 10 in average salary for Assistant Professors,
  • UNF ranks 10th of 10 in average salary for Instructors, and
  • UNF ranks 9th of 10 in overall average salary for full-time faculty.

UNF was the only doctoral granting institution in Florida’s State University system to experience a negative change (-0.1%) in salary from the 2015-16 academic year to the 2016-17 academic year.


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Summer Requirements

The assignment of a course during a summer term does not include other credit-generating activities such as thesis or dissertation supervision, directed individual studies, supervised teaching or research/scholarship, or supervision of interns.  No faculty member shall be required to undertake such activities without compensation.  Furthermore, faculty members who have not been assigned a summer course shall not be required to undertake committee work without compensation.

Summer Office Hours.  Faculty members shall maintain not less than two (2) office hours per week for the first course they are assigned to teach during the summer and one (1) office hour per week for each additional course they are assigned to teach during the summer, up to a maximum of five (5) office hours per week.  Faculty members shall also be available by appointment during the summer term in which they are teaching.

For full details see the CBA, Article 17: Summer Appointments and Assignments: Current Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Union Membership Helps you Save Money!

UFF members are automatically members of NEA, AFT, and FEA, and get access their benefits programs.

  • $1 million employment liability coverage
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  • The Union Plus credit card. After 3 months as a cardholder, you maybe be eligible for hardship grants.  All grants approved for eligible cardholders are made by check and you never have to pay them back.

Be sure to explore member benefits available from NEA (National Education Association) and AFT (American Federation of Teachers).  You belong to both national organizations through UFF.  You also belong to the state union, the FEA (Florida Education Association).

AFT Member Benefits:

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