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CONTEXT:  The current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a three-year contract effective until June 30, 2017. Each year the bargaining agents for UNF and for faculty (UFF) may each “reopen” up to three specific articles. Article 28 (Salary Increases and Salary Payments) is automatically reopened each year. Contract reopeners are the only legal means by which to make changes to the CBA during the legal duration of that contract.


Friday, March 31, 2017: 1000 am to 400 pm, Professional Development and Training Conference room, 1/1306

Thursday, April 13, 2017: 1230 – 230 pm, location TBD



Mark Ari, English                      co-Chief Negotiator

Susan Perez, Psychology                        co-Chief Negotiator

Candi Churchill*

Greg Gundlach, Marketing

Zornitza Prodanoff, Computing

Jennie Ziegler, English


Leonard Carson*, Chief Negotiator

Marianne Jaffee, Academic Affairs

TBD, Dean

David Jaeger, Accounting & Finance

Marc Snow, UNF Legal Counsel

Greg Catron, Human Resources

John Kantner, Institutional Research

* Leonard Carson of Carson & Adkins Attorneys (Tallahassee) is an outside attorney paid by UNF to lead contract negotiations. Candi Churchill (Gainesville) is a field officer for the United Faculty of Florida.


Below are the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) articles opened by UFF for negotiation during the 2016-2017 academic year.

As always, we need and welcome your input, help, and support. Please attend our  bargaining sessions.

Article BOT / UFF PROPOSAL Changes
Clinical Ranks Promotions UNF-BOT Draft Proposal on March 9, 2017 Did not present UFF team with rationale or proposed article for these guidelines. Incomplete proposal.
9 – Guidelines UNF-BOT Proposal on March 9, 2017  Removes ability to ‘add to’ criteria in the existing Evaluations article (18).

Requires all Guidelines, even after approval through the Provost, to be negotiated at the bargaining table.

Questions submitted to the UNF Admin team for discussion  at the 3/9/17 Session  

UFF Emailed Questions on March 2, 2017

23 – Leaves ARTICLE23UFFProposal 1-27-17


Paid Family Leave Evidence and Rationale

Proposes a Paid Family Leave Program to be used for the birth/adoption of a child or when the faculty member is the primary caregiver to a sick relative.
28 – Salary Increases and Salary Payments  

Article 28 – Salaries – UFF proposal – January 2017


Propose (1) salary increases to faculty who remain compressed or inverted, (2) 2% merit increase for all faculty, (3) merit increase for long-standing Full Professors, (4) cost-of-living raise of 2.6%, (5) one-time bonus for Instructors and Lecturers who would have received a salary increase this year as Senior prior to the implementation of the new promotion ladder.

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