Context:  The current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a three-year contract effective until June 30, 2017. Now that a tentative agreement has been reached between faculty and the BOT, the new CBA for 2017-2020 must be ratified. Expect more information soon about the new CBA, as well as information related to faculty ratification.


Message from UFF President Marcon

Collective Bargaining Agreement



The United Faculty of Florida and the University of North Florida Board of Trustees bargaining teams agreed today on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (2017-2020) that will go into effect once both sides ratify the CBA. Your UFF team will post the new CBA on and distribute a summary of CBA changes prior to holding a ratification vote in September in which all in-unit faculty may cast their vote. Ratification by the BOT takes place in a board meeting. The date of adoption shall be the date of ratification.

We are indebted to our UFF bargaining team for the outstanding job they have done in presenting the faculty perspective, protecting our faculty freedoms and rights, securing two consecutive years of a salary increase and additional benefits such as paid parental leave for our faculty. Thank you, Mark Ari and Susan Perez (co-Chief Negotiators), Zornitza Prodanoff, Greg Gundlach, and Jennie Ziegler. We also thank all members of the BOT team for treating our team with respect during this lengthy process of negotiation.

As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day on Monday, I hope all will pause to remember how vital faculty are to the University of North Florida. We could have the most beautiful campus, the most skilled administrators, and the best students, yet without faculty there would not be a University of North Florida. Students and faculty are the heart of our university. What faculty do day in and day out truly matters. We matter!



                  2017-18 BARGAINING TEAMS


Mark Ari, English,  co-Chief Negotiator

Susan Perez
, Psychology, co-Chief Negotiator

Tom Wazlavek*

Greg Gundlach, Marketing

Zornitza Prodanoff, Computing

Jennie Ziegler, English


Leonard Carson*, Chief Negotiator

Marianne Jaffee, Academic Affairs

Catherine Christie, BCOH Associate Dean

David Jaeger, Accounting & Finance

Marc Snow, UNF Legal Counsel

Greg Catron, Human Resources

John Kantner, Institutional Research

* Leonard Carson of Carson & Adkins Attorneys (Tallahassee) is an outside attorney paid by UNF to lead contract negotiations. Tom Walavek (Gainesville) is a field officer for the United Faculty of Florida.

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