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While attending bargaining sessions makes an impact on session outcomes, we know not everyone is able to go each time. In an effort to keep faculty informed, UFF-UNF will live-stream bargaining sessions. Further, you can find previous bargaining session videos posted here.

Most Recent Bargaining Session: December 1, 2017

Part 1 can be viewed HERE

Part 1 run time: 1:30:10. Summary: UNF’s faculty bargaining team outlines and justifies all proposed changes to the contract. Outside counsel, Leonard Carson, outlines proposed changes on behalf of the Administration. The context for the Administration’s document presented in Part 1 can be found in Part 2, where outside counsel, Leonard Carson, makes clear that the 269 page document is both incomplete and subject to change. We highly recommend watching Part 2.

Part 2 can be viewed HERE

Part 2 run time: 34:03. Summary: This is the one to watch if you are interested in context.  The faculty team pressed outside counsel, Leonard Carson, about the proposals he submitted on behalf of the administration. Mr. Carson stated repeatedly that these were all subject to change and he was not prepared to sign a single article he presented. As a result, the UFF-faculty team does not consider these formal proposals, but rather drafts. We were told that at the next session in January we would finally receive formal proposals. Further, the faculty team and Mr. Carson engaged in a question and answer session about some of the content and intent of the administration’s draft.



Past Bargaining Sessions

September 1, 2017



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