Bargaining Proposals 2019-2020

This page contains the most recent proposals set forward by the UFF Faculty Bargaining Team and the Board of Trustees (BOT) Bargaining Team. These proposals are current as of February 13, 2020. The page will be updated as new proposals are exchanged.

This link contains a summary of the UFF Faculty Team’s positions (agree, compromise, status quo) for those noneconomic proposals set forth by the BOT Team. In it, the UFF Faculty Team agrees to 9 (27%) of the changes, compromises on 10 (29%), and seeks status quo on 15 (44%).

Summary of UFF-UNF Position and Counters to UNF-BOT Noneconomic Proposals

The full versions of BOT Bargaining Team Proposals are linked below:
Article 18 (Performance Evaluations)
Article 20 (Tenure and Promotion)

As of 2/21/2020, the BOT team proposed status-quo on all articles (Articles 18, 20, 4, 12, and 33) other than salary. This is their most recent salary proposal:
Article 30 (Salary)

The full versions of the UFF Faculty Team Proposals are linked below:
Article 4 (UFF Rights)
Article 12 (Appointment)
Article 30 (Salary)
Article 33 (Grievance Procedure and Arbitration)

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