Faculty Resources: Annual Evaluations

Again, annual evaluations are described in detail in the collective bargaining agreement. The CBA describes the general content of the annual evaluation as well as a timeline for turning in the annual evaluation, when it is due back to you, and your rights regarding the evaluation made therein.

The annual evaluation is, in essence, a yearly performance review and thus it holds significant weight in a faculty member’s bid for promotion. Criteria for a faculty member’s annual evaluation should follow a standard format (one that is relatively consistent across the university). Faculty members are responsible for ensuring that they submit a complete evaluation portfolio and that all of the information therein is accurate. We recommend that faculty submit a detailed annual report that documents one’s activities and accomplishments throughout the past academic year. Detailed annual reports greatly facilitate the creation of P & T dossiers.

Contesting Issues Within an Annual Evaluation

Faculty should read the chair’s (or director’s) evaluative comments in detail. If the faculty member disagrees with any aspect of the chair’s assessment, the former has the right to discuss her/his concerns about the evaluation with the chair and to include a written response to be included in the personnel file with the evaluation. According to the CBA, faculty and the chair must sign the annual evaluation. We recommend that you do not sign your annual evaluation until you have had ample time to review it completely and have addressed any and all concerns therein with your supervisor. If you have evidence to suggest that you have not been fairly evaluated (knowing that evaluations are judgments and are thus subjective) and your concerns have not been addressed by your supervisor, you should contact the union’s grievance officer (assuming you are a member of the union).

Progress Toward Tenure Report

Department chairs are required to submit a Progress Toward Tenure report for Assistant Professors (without tenure). This report is meant to serve as notice to the faculty member and to administration whether or not the faculty member is making adequate progress toward the department’s and the university’s tenure criteria. It is a nonbinding document; adequate yearly progress toward tenure does not guarantee tenure upon application. When or if a faculty member receives an unfavorable Progress Toward Tenure report, he/she should address concerns with the department chair, seek guidance from peers and from the Office of Faculty Enhancement, and use feedback to develop an improvement plan. Assistant Professors will receive and sign a copy of this report on a yearly basis (generally at the same time as the annual review process).

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