Salary Data By Department/Discipline

Faculty salaries at UNF are not competitive. Overall, faculty salaries are 17% below the median of other SUS institutions. However, a look at salary equity at the department/discipline level shows the gap is even wider in certain areas.  The 3% increase proposed by the BOT will not fix the problem.

Here are the facts:
The UNF-BOT set a goal to “Develop and implement a plan to raise faculty and staff salaries to be above the median among peer and SUS [i.e., Florida state university system] institutions by discipline and rank, within budget constraints” in their 2017 Strategic Plan. However, average faculty salaries at UNF continue to be well below the median of other SUS institutions by department/discipline.*

*The CUPA (College and University Professional Association for Human Resources) data compares salaries for seven departments/disciplines only. It is not a complete list of departments at UNF.

Department Data

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