Summer Requirements

The assignment of a course during a summer term does not include other credit-generating activities such as thesis or dissertation supervision, directed individual studies, supervised teaching or research/scholarship, or supervision of interns.  No faculty member shall be required to undertake such activities without compensation.  Furthermore, faculty members who have not been assigned a summer course shall not be required to undertake committee work without compensation.

Summer Office Hours.  Faculty members shall maintain not less than two (2) office hours per week for the first course they are assigned to teach during the summer and one (1) office hour per week for each additional course they are assigned to teach during the summer, up to a maximum of five (5) office hours per week.  Faculty members shall also be available by appointment during the summer term in which they are teaching.

For full details see the CBA, Article 17: Summer Appointments and Assignments: Current Collective Bargaining Agreement

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