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The following is excerpted from Article 14.14 Development/Use of Instructional Technology of the 2014-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement between UNF and UFF:

14.14 (e) Property Rights and Releases.

(1) Working Papers Rights. Consistent with law and other applicable provisions of this Agreement and the legitimate interests of the University, faculty members shall have the right to control of their personal correspondence, notes, raw data, and other working papers related to teaching materials, including instructional technology materials.

(2) Independent Works. Consistent with law and other applicable provisions of this Agreement, a work made in the course of independent efforts is the property of the faculty member, who has the right to determine the disposition of such work and the revenue derived from such work. As used in this Section, the term “independent efforts” means that: a. the ideas came from the faculty member b. the work was not made with the use of appreciable University support, and c. the University is not held responsible for any opinions expressed in the work.

Article 25 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement clarifies the rights of faculty and the University to teaching materials and products of scholarship. Faculty control all materials for teaching.

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