UFF work counts as service

You don’t need to be an Officer or Senator (our elected positions) to serve on a UFF committee. Just contact UNF-UFF President John White (j.white@unf.edu) and let him know you would like to participate. Shared governance with UFF makes a tangible difference in the lives of faculty and therefore our students and University.

Our current committees are:

  1. Bargaining – You can get involved in negotiating our contract (CBA). You don’t necessarily have to sit at the negotiation table to participate. We always need observers to the negotiation process and people willing to help with research and campaigns for certain issues (e.g., Family leave).
  2. Membership – This includes recruiting new members but also includes organizing fun events for our members and faculty at large.
  3. Grievance – This involves contract enforcement. We need a team of faculty members to help reason through potential contract violations and develop solutions in concert with University administrators.
  4. Communications – This includes creating our Newsletter and maintaining our website.
  5. Elections and Nominations – This committee handles the elections for UFF positions but also for other committees such as P&T, Sabbatical, and Professional Leave.

Ad hoc committees may also be formed.

Elected positions are also a great way to get involved and learn more about what is happening across the SUS. Thesw positions include:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Senators
  6. FEA Delegates


From UNF – UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement 2014-2017,

Article 18 – Performance Evaluations, 18.4(c) (emphasis added)

(3) Service as UFF-UNF President, service on the UFF-UNF bargaining team, or as an official UFF-UNF grievance representative shall be recognized as important service, but shall not be otherwise evaluated.

(4) Service Rating Structure.11 All ratings will be based upon a comprehensive review of the faculty member’s service contribution based on the metrics in Article 18.4 (c)(1), (2), and (3).

  1. A rating of Meets Expectations may be attained by a faculty member fully participating in departmental activities; serving on at least one departmental, college, University, or UFF-UNF committee; working constructively and collaboratively with colleagues and committee members; making meaningful contributions to the faculty member’s professional society/association(s); submitting the required annual self-evaluation portfolio by the required deadline; and maintaining the professional decorum set forth in Article 10.3 Academic Responsibility of Faculty Members.


We thank the UCF chapter of UFF for providing a template for this memo.

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