What it means to be a public employee in a “right to work” state

Florida, like many other states, has a constitutional “right to work” provision. While these right-to-work laws grant collective bargaining through a union that represents all of its constituents (members of the union or not), they do not guarantee the continuation of particular positions or a living wage. Conversely, right to work laws prohibit public employees from striking. Hence, unions in right to work states have significantly curtailed leverage in bargaining. Our union’s strength–at the bargaining table and beyond–comes from our membership; each additional member strengthens our ability to bargain for better work conditions.

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Thanks to UCF’s UFF Chapter for providing the template from which this was produced.

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Lowest Paid Faculty at UNF

There are 13 of our UNF faculty colleagues on 9-month contracts making less than $46,000 after an average of 12 years of employment (based on a median start date of August 2004).

There are seven of our UNF faculty colleagues on 12-month contracts making less than $56,000 after an average of 13 years of employment (based on a median start date of August 2003).

This table represents faculty from Biology, Chemistry, English, Exceptional Deaf and Interpreter Education, Math and Statistics, and Physics.

Instructors (9-month) who make < $46,000
Salary Rank Date
$45,838 8/7/2007
$45,663 12/21/2001
$45,269 8/9/2004
$44,825 8/7/2006
$44,688 7/1/2012
$44,492 5/4/2004
$43,681 8/9/2004
$42,563 8/13/2007
$41,884 8/8/2005
Senior Instructors (9-month) who make < $46,000
Salary Rank Date
$45,768 8/8/2001
$45,667 8/9/2004
$44,940 1/2/2000
$43,461 8/9/2004
Lecturers (12-month) who make < $53,667
Salary Rank Date
$49,642 8/7/2006
$46,865 8/7/2005
Senior Lecturers (12-month) who make < $56,000
Salary Rank Date
$55,929 8/8/1999
$54,567 8/8/1999
$53,872 8/9/2003
$52,923 8/8/2000
$48,328 8/7/2005

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UNF Salaries Compared to others in SUS

Did you know?

Among the 11 established State University System schools in Florida, UNF ranks last in average faculty salary (NEA Higher Education Advocate, March 2016 issue). When corrected for cost of living, UNF’s average faculty salary still ranks 9th out of 11.


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