Paid Family Leave Across the SUS

Of the 11 established institutions in the Florida State University System (SUS), six have some provision for paid family leave. UNF is not one of them.

Florida SUS schools with paid family leave policies
FIU 12-month faculty – Full pay not to exceed 26 weeks (taken consecutively); 9-month faculty – once in career leave (or split across multiple leave) at full pay during Fall or Spring semester and at 0.33 FTE during Summer A or Summer B, for a period not to exceed 26 consecutive weeks. If more than 26 weeks for either 12 or 9 month faculty, can use accrued leave time.
UCF Two Options: 1) Modified work duties; or 2) Paid Parental leave – to qualify employee must be employed for at least 1 academic year on at least 0.75 FTE line. Upon request granted period of 19.5 contiguous weeks (for twelve-month employees only) or one regular (Fall or Spring) semester, (or up to 3 months for non-instructional employees). If both parents are employees of the University, only one parent may request paid parental leave. Employee must agree to return for at least 1 year following use of the benefit. Requires signed agreement in advance of leave or employee must repay expenses (e.g., salary, benefits). Cannot be employed elsewhere during leave. Those who participate in the program (and return for at least 1 year) will have the total number of hours used deducted from the employee’s sick leave balance that the employee has remaining at the time of separation from the University.
FAU Two categories: 1) Unpaid parental leave; 2) Paid parental leave – one semester, not more than once every 3 years, commitment to return, not two faculty members for same birth/adoption, required signed agreement (i.e., repayment if no signed agreement in advance of paid leave), cannot be employed elsewhere during leave
FSU Once in career, a paid parental leave not to exceed 6 months, within a year from when the faculty member becomes a parent (birth/adoption). No two faculty members for same birth/adoption. Commitment to reimbursement (upon separation from the university, unused accrued leave will be applied to repayment, but if there is not enough to cover the balance, the faculty member is not responsible for the difference). Commitment to return to university for at least 1 year (or responsible for repayment). Required signed agreement.
USF No more than twice in career, can request and be granted a paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child not to exceed one semester. No two faculty members at same time for same birth/adoption. Commitment to return for at least 1 year. Commitment to reimburse upon separation from university using accrued leave time. If faculty member does not stay at least 1 year, then faculty member “may be required to reimburse the University for the liquidated equivalent of all salary paid while on parental leave.”
UF (in negotiations now, so may change soon) Paid Parental Leave Program. A faculty member shall be provided with up to 6 weeks of advanced sick or vacation leave. May also use accrued leave, not to exceed a total of 6 calendar months. Faculty members may take up to six years to repay the leave hours advanced to them as part of this program. If a faculty member resigns before paying back the time, unused leave balances will be applied to the leave repayment.
Florida SUS schools without paid family leave policies
UNF Can use accrued sick time
FAMU Can use accrued sick time
UWF Can use accrued sick time
New College (2011-2014) Can use accrued sick time
FGCU Unpaid unless other leave benefits are accessed

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